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Italian architecture

Visiting Milan

ASMMUN takes place on the doorstep of one of Italy's most touristic cities. During your time here, you would be remiss not to take advantage of proximity to our many incredible churches, museums and restaurants. See a selection of curated highlights below, and don't hesitate to ask for more suggestions and tips.


The American School of Milan is located approximately 10 kilometers south of Milan's city center. We recommend booking accommodations in the center or southern parts of Milan to ensure easy access to our conference bus service provided each day. Our designated bus stop is conveniently situated near the Lodi metro station on the M3/Yellow Line.

By choosing to stay near the M3/Yellow Line metro or along the 90/91/92 bus routes, you will have seamless access to all areas of Milan via public transportation. This arrangement not only simplifies your daily commute to and from the American School of Milan but also places you in an ideal position to explore the cultural and historical riches of Milan. Whether you're interested in art, cuisine, or shopping, everything is readily accessible from these strategic locations.

All recommended hotels and hostels are conveniently located within walking distance of our conference bus stop, as well as easily accessible to the subway, buses, and trams. Additionally, each of these accommodations is situated within a 40-minute walk from Milan’s iconic Duomo and the lively Navigli district. For a quicker journey, you can reach these attractions in less than 20 minutes using public transportation, which is included with your conference registration!

Important note: ASMMUN does not have any special prices with the hotels

above and is not responsible for any issues that may arise from using them.

These are simply recommendations.


Major Attractions

At ASMMUN, we want to help you explore our beautiful city. There is a suggested walking tour that takes 1-2 hours below, and we may provide a free guided version depending on interest and weather.

Porta Romana / Lodi

City Center

  • Duomo - The fourth largest cathedral in the world and the heart of Milan. Our walking tour will only see it from the outside, but it's worth getting tickets to walk on the Duomo's roof, especially if the weather is nice!

  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - A beautiful covered covered gallery

  • Teatro alla Scala - One of the most famous opera houses of the world

  • Castello Sforzesco - The city castle with a large park behind it.

  • The Last Supper* - Famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, but this is not covered by our free tour. Note that if you plan to buy tickets, you should do so at least two months in advance.

Brera / Garibaldi


  • Navilgo Grande - These central canals make a must-see neighborhood for dinner while in the city. See the restaurant tips below.

  • Colonne San Lorenzo - Pretty courtyard dating from the Roman period.

Milan is a truly great city for the gastronomically inclined. Dinner in Italy typically starts at 7pm, and restaurants will not usually open before this time. Enjoy some of our recommended restaurants below:


Porta Romana / Lodi

City Center

Brera / Garibaldi

  • Eataly - Large food hall with specialties from around Italy.


Milan is home to some of Europes best universities. The following selection includes institutions which offer full undergraduate degrees in English.

University Visits


Walking tour 

Check out our suggested walking tour made by a staff from ASMMUN!

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