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Think Internationally, Grow Individually, Engage Collectively

Welcome to the ASMMUN Conference, an annual gathering that has been shaping the future of global diplomacy since 2016. Hosted in the vibrant city of Milan, Italy, our conference blends the rich cultural heritage of the region with cutting-edge educational practices to provide a unique, globally expansive Model United Nations experience.


Our Story

In the autumn of 2016, a spirited initiative took root at the American School of Milan. Elenora Pigoli, representing the Class of 2016, orchestrated the first gathering of what would soon emerge as a cornerstone of youth diplomacy in Milan: the ASMMUN conference. This inaugural meeting, convening students from the British School of Milan, Manzoni School, and European School Varese, symbolized a modest but ambitious beginning. It was an experiment in education and engagement, an attempt to cultivate a deeper understanding of global dynamics among young scholars.

As the years progressed, so too did the scale and scope of ASMMUN. By 2019, the conference had blossomed into a significant international affair, attracting nearly 300 students from 14 diverse schools. This expansion was not just a testament to the conference's growing reputation but also to its profound impact on fostering international dialogue and understanding. Here, students engaged not merely with the theoretical constructs of diplomacy but with its practical, often challenging realities.

The global disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 necessitated a temporary shift to virtual meetings. Yet, the spirit of ASMMUN was undeterred. This period reaffirmed the resilience and adaptability of the ASMMUN student organizers.

In 2022, the conference doors reopened to in-person interactions, welcoming delegates from 18 different schools, including newcomers from Rwanda. This meeting was a reaffirmation of the community's commitment to multiculturalism and the shared pursuit of global solutions. The conference’s environment thrived on the direct exchange of ideas, fostering a richer, more immediate form of diplomatic engagement.

By the following year, participation had surged to include over 400 individuals from 20 schools across continents, establishing ASMMUN's role as a growing force in fostering global diplomacy and cross-cultural understanding among the next generation of leaders.. Schools from Taiwan and Qatar added new dimensions to the discourse, enriching the collective experience with fresh perspectives and insights.

From its inception, ASMMUN has been a microcosm of the broader world—a place where young minds come to learn, debate, and grow. Each conference is a chapter in a continuing story of education and aspiration, reflecting the evolving nature of international relations. The legacy of ASMMUN is woven from the threads of these young leaders' ambitions and achievements, a testament to the enduring power of educated discourse in shaping the world. This is a narrative of hope, of potential, and of the belief that through understanding and cooperation, the challenges of today can become the achievements of tomorrow.

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