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Student Officer & Press Application

This form is intended for student delegates who are interested in applying for leadership roles as Chairs or members of the Press Corps at the ASMMUN conference. We encourage participation from both novices eager to learn and seasoned delegates who can serve as mentors.

Role Descriptions:

  1. Chairs: Delegates applying for the position of Chair will be responsible for guiding discussions and managing procedural activities within their assigned committees. Chairs are pivotal in shaping the debate and ensuring a productive and respectful environment. Additionally, Chairs must prepare a comprehensive background paper that outlines the key issues, historical context, and potential solutions for one of the topics discussed in their committee.

  2. Press Corps: Members of the Press Corps are tasked with documenting the conference proceedings through articles and reports. This role is ideal for delegates who wish to hone their journalism skills by covering debates, interviewing participants, and creating informative materials for publication. The Press Corps plays a critical role in communicating the dynamics of the conference to a wider audience. Prior MUN experience is not required for this role.

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